A completely fixed window.

A window is a basic element of the gameplay that allows zombies to enter the map, or block them from entering, your playing area on most conventional maps. A window can consist of one or two doors, though they cannot be opened or closed. Behind doors, usally holds a spawner for zombies. Zombies approach a window and will break the wooden boards covering it and walk thorugh the door, passing through it. It is also possible for a zombie to deal damage to you through the boards and vice-versa for the player. When a player approaches a window, they will be pushed back, not allowing them to get past it.


A zombie breaking a window.

It is possible to repair the window, keeping the zombies breaking it at bay. You can repair only until there are 5 visable boards on the window. Depending your difficulity, you can gain a certain amount of points per board replaced.

You can repair a window with the E button, but is advised you change the bound button, to a different one, as E is the key that opens your inventory. This can be done in the pause menu.