Support Soda

The Support Soda Machine.

The Support Soda Machine is a orginal idea implemented by The Modzilla Team and makes an appearence in every released Zombiecraft map as of June 28th 2011.

The Support Soda Machine gives you one in-game comrade/fighter to assist you with killing zombies for the cost of 3000 points (Zombiecraft 2.x. Zombiecraft 3: 1000). These computer operated bots carry a MP40 and only four can be bought at a time. If one dies, another one can be bought. These bots fire an M1911 rounds regardless of the gun in their hands, being an MP40.

These bots also have two possible commands, by using your mouse.

Follow- The defualt setting for your support is to follow you. They will mostly follow the pathing system layed out for zombies. Punching the bot with the left click on your mouse can make them stay.

Stay- When you left click your support while in follow mode, they will stay and hold their position. They will not follow you, but can be pushed and will fire at any zombies in thier radius. Left clicking them again will cause them to follow you.


  • Occasionally, when buying a support soldier, he will be spawned inside a wall, thus killing him.


  • In ZC3, the texture of the Comrade resembles the character Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series of games.