The Speed Cola Machine.

Zombiecraft 2.x

The Speed Cola Machine was orginally introduced in World at War - Nazi Zombies, but served a different purpose. Instead of repairing barriers faster and reloading your weapon much quicker, Speed Cola increases your running speed and reloading. It is unknown whether the Speed Cola will do what Call of Duty introduced also.

Speed Cola almost doubles your running speed when bought, it costs 3000 points and cannont be bought again in that game session. This Machine is included in every released Zombiecraft map.

Zombiecraft 3Edit

In Zombiecraft 3, purchasing the Speed Cola will increase your speed very greatly, along with barricade repairs and reload speed. Each of these perks are better than the Zombiecraft 2.x counterpart. Speed Cola is like a potion, and does not last forever. It can be bought many times and still have money left over, due to it's low price at 150.