3 day block

  • Deliver information informally
  • Deliver information out of format
  • Deliver Outdated information
  • Deliver false information
  • Create a multiple accounts

15 day block

  • Create an account that does not have the same name as your modzilla username*
  • Overwrite links with your own**
  • Spam comments on any page
  • Delete the content of a page without seeking permission
  • Delete a true section anywhere
  • Spam a page

Year block( Not stackable )

  • Vulgarize any page
  • Vulgarize any comment section
  • Delete the content of the rules page
  • Delete the content of the main page
  • Recieve a total of 2 months ban time

Permanent block

  • Recieve 1 year, 3 months of ban time

(*)Should your username be abused, you are exempt from this rule

(**) If you are the owner of the page linked to, you are welcome to replace the link with a direct one or, preferably, stick a direct link beside it.