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Beastlyblu 17:13, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

The nuke is a drop found in both Call of Duty Zombies and Zombiecraft. It was originally a drop that burned every zombie and gave each player +400 points.

In Zombiecraft it does almost the same thing, a power-up that kills every single zombie on the map when picked up. It is one of the most effective drops on the map, and looks like a classic bomb. People have used this to run around and fix boards up, buy ammo, guns, or perks. Sometimes, deeper into the round, it may end the round for you. When picked up, a deep voice will say, "Kaboom". The only differences are that the nuke will not give you the 400 points, it will give you 100 points (on Normal difficuly) for every zombie on the map, giving you a lot of extra points.