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The starting room of Nacht der Untoten.

Nacht der Untoten is a minecraft version of the Call of Duty Franchise "World at War" Nazi Zombies Map Nacht der Untoten.


Ninjoo777's Strategy(Cheat)Edit

Step 1: Survive the first few rounds without opening doors (until you have enough points to open 2 doors and get your favorite gun)
Step 2: Clear the debris to the mystery box room, use it if you wish, then continue to the stairs in the same room and clear that debris.
Step 3: Go upstairs (past the juggernaught soda) and into the room with the bouncing betty's, walk across the debris onto a platform that's 2 blocks wide (Do not clear this debris for 2 reasons. First off, it keeps zombies from spawning upstairs; second, it allows you to buy support soda and bouncing betty's and return). Stay here for a while. buying MP40 ammo (which appears on the platform but isn't visible). When you can, it helps to buy bouncing betty's and place them on the debris bridge AND in the small area near the wall, (to the right of the debris)
If all is done well you should be able to survive on that platform for quite a long time. Just be sure to keep stocking up on MP40 ammo and bouncing betty's.
Hope this Helps!
P.S. It helps at the start of the rounds to be on the middle landing of the stairs in the mystery box room and back up as needed so they don't swarm the small hallway leading down to your last stand.



Small Map

Ten Windows

Three Debris

Six Weapons on the Walls

Three Perks (Juggernog , Speed Cola , Support Soda )

One Random Box

Easter EggsEdit

Winning The GameEdit

There is a glitch where, if you have the ray gun, you can go to the top floor, and at the farthest window to the left, if you push backwards into it while shooting the ray gun, you exit the map. Keep walking straight back from the window until you reach a door. Buy the door (it's free!) and credits will show before you're redirected to the main screen.

Secret Mp40Edit

At the top floor with Bouncing Betty's on the walls there's a secret invisible ladder next to it. Go up it and head to the left and you will drop down on a little platform next to the Starting Stairs. If you didn't open up the stairs yet than you can jump up and walk across it to the platform. On the side of the wall is a secret MP40 costing 1000 Points.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Occasionally, a zombie will fall off the map, ending the game, download a fix Here