Groozer (groozer) is a member of the Modzilla Support team (part of the staff team) and is the third member of the support team. He made the first user-made map which is now known as Groozer's Last Resort.


Groozer's Last ResortEdit

Groozer's Last Resort was the first user-made map and also the first map after the initial release. The original name before the map went 'Zombified' was Halle der Unsterblichen. It was changed a little bit, the inside contained 2 more rooms and the outside used to be a different path (included an easter egg, which was later replaced by the Panzerfaust easter egg). You can find more information in the original wiki page.

The BeachEdit

The Beach was a map that hasn't been released by Groozer himself or by by Modzilla team. It was a fanmade map and it will not be released for other people. The map itself is an arcade map, where the zombies come out of the water and you gotta shoot them. In a cave (costs 2000 to clear both debris) you can find all weapons and perks. It was made before Halls of Survival was made and released.

Fun FactsEdit

Groozer loves gigimoi. <3