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Holding flamethrower on verruckt

This is sometimes considered a wonder weapon because of it's difference from standard bullet shooting weapons. Unlike the flamethrower in World at War, Modzilla's flamethrower uses ammo, does not overheat, and runs out of ammo quickly. It's empty buckets can be used to glitch out of maps (Zombiecraft 2.x). it is possible to buy this gun off a wall in some maps for 2000 points or just find it in a Mystery box (Zombiecraft 2.x).


Zombiecraft 2.xEdit

Damage: Minecraft fire (+1 bullet damage)

Ammo Type: Oil bucket

Firing Rate: Very Fast

Zombiecraft 3Edit

Damage: 5 (Plus fire)

Spread: 0

Recoil: 0

Cost: 200

Firing Speed: Stream


Fun FactsEdit

  • The Flame Thrower is in some cases worse than the fist because a zombie that is on fire does not recieve knockback (Zombiecraft 2.x).
  • When a zombie is shot with a Flame Thrower, the flame animation on the zombie can obscure the player's vision.
  • In Zombiecraft 3, the flamethrower can only reach a small distance.