"Welcome to camp, enjoy your stay!"

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A map created by GammaGames, this map takes place in an abandoned campground.


  • Camp Deadwood Spawn
  • Forest Walks
  • Camp Lake
  • Guest Map, covered with the scribblings of a survivor


The map consists of a spawn camp area, with a tent in it. This area has only 1 choice of debri to clear. After this debris is cleared, the path splits. To the right, after clearign more debris, is a building housing the support soda. To the left, is a path that splits. To the right on that path, the debris can only be cleared from one direction, the back path. Continuing straight through the forest, the path branches again. To the left is more debris, and once that is cleared, the player has access to the Speed Cola perk. Continuing straight is a hill, cleared by more debris. On top of the hill is a destroyed shack, in which the mystery box is. Behind the mystery box building, is a path leading down the mountain (rather steep, once you go down you cannot get back up that way) which leads to Charge Cola. This path then leads to the one-way clearable debris.

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Easter EggsEdit

Behind the building with the mystery box, the Juggernog can be found in a corner (kind of hidden)

Fun FactsEdit

  • The map was created for md65's mapping contest, but unfortunatly, didn't win.