Bouncing Betties are the most powerful defense against zombies in Zom
BouncingBetties F1

Planting a Mine on the floor like a block.

biecraft. The Bouncing Betty is a landmine placed by the player. When stepped on by a zombie, the explosion radius effects every zombie nearby, often killing them. It is unknown the amount of damage one Bouncing Betty can do. It is possible to run thorugh Bouncing Betties without setting them off yourself, making it easy to make a "garden" of them. They can be bought in every Zombiecraft Map so far for 1000 points per 4 (Zombiecraft 2.x).


Zombiecraft 2.x

Damage: Unknown

Ammo Type: Bouncing Betties 4 per stack

Firing Rate: Punch Speed

Zombiecraft 3

Damage: Unknown (TNT?)

Recoil: N/A

Spread; N/A

Cost: 200

Firing Speed: N/A

Fun FactsEdit

  • The bouncing betty uses the same Block ID as a sapling (Zombiecraft 2.x)